A Molecular Visualization Program for the Pocket PC

Written by Jason Gilder

Developed at Wright State University's Bioinformatics Research Group (BIRG) Lab 2001

                      PocketMol allows you to view and manipulate Protein Data Bank (pdb) files on a PocketPC.  Manipulation includes 

                      moving, scaling, and rotating a protein using the stylus. Individual atoms can be selected to view their properties. 

                     Several view options are available, including a standard backbone view, only alpha carbons, and a wireframe and

                     solid ribbon trace.


Two versions of PocketMol exist: PocketMol and PocketMolGX

PocketMol runs on any PocketPC or handheld device running Windows CE 3.0 or higher. It uses the standard Windows GDI drawing functions to display the graphics. As a result, performance is very slow on all first-generation Pocket PCs.

PocketMolGX is a graphically-accelerated version of PocketMol designed for PocketPCs using Microsoft's Game API (GAPI). It currently only supports the Compaq iPaq H3635 color Pocket PC. Other Pocket PCs with the same hardware, like the @migo, may be able to run it.




       The screenshots above show some of the different views and tools. The atom distance tool allows you to click on two different atoms to

       calculate the distance between them. You can also get a single atom's information by clicking on it. The selection color view allows you to 

       click on a residue to highlight it.


       The screenshots below show some ribbon views. The first is the standard view, followed by a group color view. The last shows a solid 

       ribbon with the group color view. All color modes are available for all views.                             





     Install Instructions

     Simply copy the PocketMol or PocketMolGX executable to your PocketPC. Each executable is found in a folder labeled with its

     processor type. PocketMolGX is only available for the iPaq H3635.


     Protein Data Bank (pdb) files must be in your My Documents folder or a folder contained therein. 


     PocketMolGX requires the Microsoft Game API (GAPI) v1.2. Make sure you have the file gx.dll in your windows directory. 


     PocketMol was developed using Microsoft's eMbedded Visual Tools 3.0. These are available as a free download or on CD at the cost

     of shipping and handling. Details can be found at Microsoft's web site. These tools contain the Pocket PC SDK. The SDK includes an emulator

     to allow you to run PocketMol on a standard PC running Windows 2000 or XP. 




   PocketMol Full Package

   PocketMol and PocketMolGX executables, source code, and documentation


   PocketMol Source Code

   Source code for PocketMol and PocketMolGX



   Questions or Comments?    Jason Gilder


Copyright (c) 2001 Wright State University